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Community Organizing & Leadership

No matter the location or the work, what matters to me is that there is community. These organizations and programs are what I've valued in community over the last several years. Each organization I have either started, organized, or led & built community in.



The Alliance of Queer and Underrepresented Asians, University of Pittsburgh est. 2018. Co-founder & President, 2018-2021

Queer Grads

A graduate student organization for LGBTQ+ graduate students. Hosts socials & academic discussions. President, 2022-2023

Gender Equity Resource Center

A UC Berkeley campus community center committed to fostering an inclusive Cal experience for all. Graduate Student Assistant to the LGBTQ+ Resource Manager, 2022-2023

iSchool Graduate Scholars Program

Provides fellowship support for students who have overcome challenges in pursuing higher education, shown leadership in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and/or plan to do research on inequality. Admitted Scholar, 2021-Present, Events Programmer 2022-2023

Univ. of Pittsburgh Student Government Board,
Diversity & Inclusion Committee 

Acts as a group to support the University’s initiatives in diversity and inclusion and to advocate for cultural competency on campus.

Committee Chair, 2020-2021

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