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mixed-methods researcher

B.S Psychology, University of Pittsburgh

Master's Information Management & Systems, University of California Berkeley

Focusing on equitable user experiences through critical thought about technology affordances and mental & physical health effects.​ 

Expertise in various methods including: ethnography, prototyping, semi-structured interviews, competitive landscape analysis, and more

LGBTQ+ Inclusive User Account Design Guide

Project Manager & Lead Researcher


The standard taxonomy for user profiles includes collecting information regarding personal data (i.e name, age, etc.) and preferences (i.e language).

What can we make of this user data and are the questions asked accurately representing LGBTQ+ users?

Product Equity Strategies Across Social Media



The Community, Trust, and Safety Team sets product equity standards for design, research, product, and engineering to empower teams.

To develop a competitive insights section that look at product equity work from other tech firms, we ask: How are companies defining equity and what identities are they looking at? 

Convergence of Spotify's DEIB Strategies

Independent Researcher


Spotify is one of the many companies that publish an annual Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging report.


Using a keyword search strategy, what narratives of impact can be explored in this space?

Understanding the Creator Economy for BIPOC Content Creators

UX Researcher


As access to digital media and careers in this space evolve, an understanding of how historically marginalized groups must be explored

This project asks: What are current perceptions of the creator economy ecosystem among BIPOC creators?

Social Emotional Learning Through Music Streaming

UX Researcher & Designer


Music streaming services are not just song collections, but mediums engaging with users’ emotions and can be used to facilitate social-emotional learning.

Are people using music on streaming services to recognize, understand, or reflect on their emotions? If so, how?

Filipino Student Activism at UC Berkeley

Independent Researcher


The history of Filipino-American activism spans a 50+ year history just in California alone. When a key figure in UC Berkeley's history is discovered to have made racist & dehumanizing remarks about Filipinos, how do student groups respond?

Youth Anti-Racism Action & Critical Consciousness

Research Assistant


In exploring the concept of critical consciousness -- the way people think critically about their own and other peoples' marginalization


How does inter-racial group contact among youth populations relate to anti-racist action and how it may be moderated by political efficacy and critical reflection?

Queer People of Color Using Technology to Cope

Project Manager & Lead Researcher


LGBTQ+ People of Color may feel exclusion both in their racial community and queer community. This can result in high rates of negative mental and physical health effects. 

What role does technology play in building resilience and coping skills amongst LGBTQ+ People of Color as they face this stigma?

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