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beatrice fadrigon, research + organizer


about beatrice

I'm Beatrice (she/they) and I am currently a Clinical Study Coordinator at the Mood Disorders Lab at University of Texas at Austin. I have a Master in Information Management Systems program at UC Berkeley and a B.S in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. I enjoy being an academic and engaging with my community through leadership in organizing. Recently, I have also been pursuing a few freelance opportunities in short term research projects and teaching a workshop series. 

Iris Marion Young Award for Political Engagement at University of Pittsburgh, 2021

i3 & School of Information  Fellowship, University of California Berkeley 2021-23

Lavender Graduation Undergraduate Speaker, University of Pittsburgh, 2021

Lavender Graduation Graduate Speaker, University of California Berkeley, 2023

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Meet #MIMS23, @bfadrigon14
At I School, she's focused on qualitative research, & how QPoC use ICTs to cope w stigma.

@BerkeleyiSchool, Twitter

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